Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creative Fun With PhatPad The Idea Software for Pad

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PhatPad, the application of this PhatWare can detect posts you write with the stylus. Sensors installed in this application makes him not be affected by the 'footprint' palm of your hand when you're writing. In this application there is also a setting so PhatPad will not read the kinds of scratches that you inadvertently created.

Though you'll also be able to use the keyboard at any time, the stylus you are the very first tool that you use here. You can change the color and thickness of each show scratches. There are five types of thickness and five colors include red, blue, green, black, and yellow. Not to forget the eraser that can help clean up the parts that are wrong.

Lasso tool in this application will make it easier when you want to delete or copy a specific area. Another plus is that you can change your handwriting into text.

Want to read your writing? Various types of option to split the writing did not forget to offer in this application. You can also save images in PDF format. Unfortunately, this application can only be used on the iPad for U.S. $ 4.99.

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