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Free Download Emulator PS2 PCSX2 Full Version [ Mediafire ]

Hello Friend Voltshare Now i will discusse about Free Download Emulator PS2 PCSX2 Full Version [ Mediafire ] and previously I have made an article about Download PS1 Emulator PSX Full Version [ Mediafire ]

Emulator PS2 PCSX2

PS2 Emulator is a software that can run PS2 Games for PS2 software emulator is sanggat membanutu for the friends who like to play PS2 Games this way of working software with plug-in just like PS1 Emulator or layman says PCSX2 emulator software is victorious once in about 2006 before exiting the current PS3 PS2 Emulator difference with PS1 Emulator is the most striking image of the picture PS1 PS2 better than PS2 because PS2 games are more modern than the price of more expensive PS1 PS2 than PS1 but not worry I'm here to make Emulator This PS2 computer bisakalian To download below

Computer Specs For PS2 Emulator

  • Prosesor : Minimum dual core (Recommend Core2Duo)
  • VGA : Minimum Gforce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300
  • RAM : Minimum 512 MB (Windows XP) or 1GB (Windows 7)
  • Support Windows XP / Windows 7 32 and 64 bit
  • DikrectX : 9c 

ScreenShot Emulato PS2

ScreenShot Emulato PS2

How To install Emulator PS2 and PS2 Emulator Setting Procedure

  • Download all the files it
  • Then Extract the file that had been on the Download in a folder
  • when a file is first installed in the form of crude
  • Then when the File Open PCSX2 Laucher shaped so 

Note For PS2 Emulator settings

  • Choose Config> Configure> Set BIOS Plugins directory Set directory sama
  • Set Plugins Directory: select the folder where you nyimpen pscxnya earlier, Lalu plih folder named "plugins"
  • Set BIOS Directory: same like the previous point, but select the folder named "bios" Then click "OK" dah
  • pscx you are able to run, just run CD / DVD 

Below is the download link for this PS2 emulator software please try this Software


PS2 Emulator Full Version Plus Bios

The Articles about Emulator PS 2 has Been Update Please See Below
Free Download Emulator Playstation 2 PCSX 2 Full Version ( Update Link )

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