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Download Free Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (161MB) Full Version

Hello Friend Voltshare Now i will discusse about Download Free Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (161MB) Full Version and previously I have made an article about System Requiriments Minimum and Recomend FarCry3 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS 6

Adobe Photoshop who is not familiar with the software is up to date on this one now Adobe has release the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS 6 on a previous Photoshop CS 5 Portable and this time it is not portable software has a function as the name suggests is an image and photo editing effect effects give a nice touch on photos but it can edit an object at this time adobe version adds some extra fiture one of which was selected using magical Wenda more thoroughly and more detail making it easier and nicer lets see fiture additional software -  Download Free Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (161MB) Full Version

Screenshot Adobe Photoshop CS 6

Feature Tarbaru Photoshop CS 6

  • Selection using the Magic Wand more thorough and detailed
  • The existence Mercury Engine that makes liquify If we will not break
  • 3D boost (you have to support VGA Card)
  • Display 3D creation and Brush changed
  • Blur Galery 
  • New Crop Tool
  • Drop Shadow novel, this time can make reflection: O
  • Can make video
  • Chair car semakin teliti
  • Adobe Camera RAW (so rich in Adobe Lightroom)
  • Content Aware Move (automatically adjusts the color when we move the object to a canvas)
  • Vector Layer (can create vector image)
  • And there are many new features that I did not mention.

If you are interested in this software you can download this software please download its software


Server 1 Mediafire [161MB]

Server 2 MediaFire [161MB]

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